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RFID Solutions

With over 55 years of experience developing wristband ID systems, and nearly a decade innovating and deploying RFID systems, PDC Solutions is the industry leader in RFID wristband solutions at Leisure & Entertainment venues. Technologically-advanced hotels, water parks, and resorts are taking advantage of the benefits that RFID can provide for cashless point-of-sale, vending, access control, and other guest-conveneince applications. 

PDC Solutions' success lies in its ability to continuously innovate and pioneer new product solutions. Among its industry "firsts" is the patented Smart Band® RFID Wristband which is now the catalyst for many RFID implementations. 

In addition to offering a wide array of RFID wristband products and integration hardware, PDC partners with leading companies to provide businesses with the choice to select the system architecture that best meets their specific needs. PDC Solutions' clients, such as Great Wolf Resorts, Ripley's Family Entertaiment, Sage Hospitality, and SXSW Music Festival, have benefited from PDC's RFID Solutions, by increasing revenue and enhancing customer experiences. Take advantage the valuable benefits and profit that PDC's RFID leisure and entertainment solutions can bring to your business.