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RFID Consulting

RFID Systems are not one size fits all.
As with any emerging technology, a key to success is to partner with businesses that have been there before. With a growing list of successful RFID wristband implementations throughout North America, PDC is building a network of solution providers that turn visions into reality. These relationships—across a diverse range of applications and skill sets—enable PDC to provide a tailored and value-driven solution to our customers. RFID wristband installations designed to benefit the bottom line and your customers will drive long-term value for both.
PDC's consulting experience extends through a combination of services:

1. Technology Value Assessment

RFID is not the silver bullet for every application. The success of RFID wristband applications depend on the value it can provide to your business, as well as the safety, security and convenience it provides to your guests.  PDC's growing experience in the leisure, entertainment and hospitality markets will enable you to harness the benefits of RFID, and focus on innovative applications that will give your business a competitive edge.

2. ROI Initiative and Development

Beyond the intangibles that a positive RFID wristband application provides, such as guest convenience and employee satisfaction, RFID can provide a multitude of operational benefits that improve the profitability of your business. By taking the time to understand your market and business objectives at the beginning of the project, PDC can help identify the applications and components necessary to drive long-term revenue and profit
ROI comes to those who find a solution that truly fits their needs.

3. Strategic Long Term Positioning

Partner with a company that will drive a successful RFID implementation today, and develop an applications and services roadmap for future benefits.