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RFID Applications Overview

PDC offers a comprehensive list of products and services to meet your unique business needs with a custom RFID solution. Our team designs and develops the right RFID model to help achieve long term goals of positive revenue and profit growth. Explore the features and benefits of proven RFID applications that can enhance your bottom line and provide unmatched safety, security, and convenience to your guests.

Cashless Point of Sale

The benefits of RFID technology for cashless payments are many.
  • Industry reports indicate per cap spending increases of 18-25% when using an electronic payment credential.
  • By eliminating cash or ‘out of apron’ transactions, shrinkage and other cash drawer discrepancies are greatly reduced.
  • Smart Band® increases the accessibility a guest has to his/her wallet, which enables convenient spending and encourages impulse purchases throughout the facility. Guests also have the ability to set daily limits for children to encourage responsible spending. And since Smart Band® is always on the wrist, cash is never lost.
  • Transactions are faster than cash, which reduces the length of time guests spend waiting to make a purchase, instead of enjoying other amenities.
  • The convenience of Smart Band® provides easy spending opportunities at multiple locations including food and beverage outlets, gift shops, vending machines, and business service centres. 
  • Security is also enhanced. Unlike debit cards, Smart Band® is a non-transferable, secure credential that prevents unauthorised access to a spending account.


Keyless Hotel Room and Locker Entry

Unlike with keys or cards, when hotel guests wear an RFID wristband empowered as an electronic room key, they never have to worry about where they left it or where to place it while enjoying your facility. It’s always on the wrist, which eliminates lost keys and increases security. By simply presenting the wristband to the RFID-enabled door lock, each guest has secure access to their hotel room or after-hours hotel entrance. The same RFID wristband may also be used to rent lockers, or access gym facilities and business centres. These added conveniences are proven in the industry to enhance the overall guest experience.
  • RFID-enabled door locks are also a cost-effective alternative to other door lock choices.
  • Unlike common magnetic stripe card key door locks that collect dirt and require regular maintenance, RFID is a contactless interface, which reduces maintenance and saves your staff time.
  • The electronic door lock may also increase accountability of employees by monitoring who entered a room, the time of entry, and duration of stay.


Access Control and Security

RFID contactless technology is rapidly gaining adoption in physical access control and other applications due to its key benefits over other access credential technologies. Data security can be greatly increased with the use of security encryption keys based on tag UID numbers, which also reduce the possibility of duplicating credentials. Secure or proprietary communication protocols can also be used to further enhance security.
PDC Smart Band® wristbands are an economical and user-friendly credential for a variety of access control applications where cards, fobs or biometrics are inconvenient, or don’t offer the security required. The contactless nature of Smart Band® is simple to use and reduces maintenance costs when compared to biometric or magnetic stripe authentication. Turnstiles or portal gate systems take advantage of faster reading and authentication to improve throughput.
The non-transferable nature of Smart Band is another great advantage for access control and guest identification applications. One-time use, secure wristband fasteners prevent unauthorised transfer of privileges, and when used with logic based access control systems, can limit the possibility of “passing-back” a wristband to other patrons.

Counterfeit Prevention

The ticketing industry faces a constant threat of counterfeiting, which translates to high profit loss for venue promoters and performers. PDC has implemented RFID technology to prevent counterfeiting and overcrowding while increasing public safety and ticket sales.
RFID tickets embedded with RFID inlays benefit from the unique chip identifier. The UID number of the Smart Band wristband or ticket is used to verify the authenticity of each credential. Smart Band's non-transferable feature is also key to preventing scalping and unauthorised access.

Customer Loyalty and VIP Programs

Repeat customers and VIPs are important to any business. Take advantage of the benefits that RFID can provide to further distinguish these important guests, while creating opportunities for increased spending and improved customer service.
Current PDC water park customers that have implemented a Smart Band® solution have chosen the PDC Smart™ Rewearable wristband to issue to their season pass holders. This durable, silicone wristband with identical RFID capabilities as other Smart Band wristbands, allows guests to carry a balance on their account between visits. Loyalty points or instant coupons are also easily tracked and issued with the help of RFID.

Development Opportunities

PDC is interested in serving your needs today and developing applications and services for future benefits tomorrow. Let us explore your visions and determine the feasibility and value proposition for a variety of RFID-enhanced applications, such as line queue management, interactive displays, or rental programs. The flexibility and unique features of RFID technology can enhance a wide variety of customer and business focused applications, that when combined together, create a unique and convenient experience for your guests and staff.