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RFID Application Needs & Development

Use  RFID technology as a medium to enhance customer experience and improve the  bottom line. From cashless transactions to access management, the applications are endless. PDC 'steps into your shoes' and aligns business needs, objectives and infrastructure throughout the application development process.
Right  from the start, PDC invests the time to understand your business and operations, and effectively gathers the resources necessary for cost-effective  solutions. 

Needs Analysis

How can RFID enhance guest experience and add to your profits? Which applications  make the most positive impact on your customers and staff? PDC will ask the right questions and help shape the solution that best meets your unique needs. 

Site Assessment

It's  impossible to recommend a sound solution without experiencing your vision  firsthand. PDC’s experienced staff will evaluate your site and operation from top to bottom, to define your unique use-models, and determine the correct mix of hardware and application features.

Cost Evaluation

Throughout the development process, PDC strives to maximise performance and profits by selecting system components that economically and technologically meet the needs of your application. Investigate opportunities for increased spending or operational efficiencies that also provide clear guest and staff benefits. 

Partner Relationships & Solutions Network

Utilizing a 'solution  network' of reliable partners, PDC develops your customised integrated  solution. From a diverse partner network cultivated over years of combined experience, PDC can recommend a proven solution partner to match a variety of  customer focused applications.