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Holographic Wristbands | Glitter Wristbands

  • Add some sparkle and glitz to you next event with our Liquid Glitter and Metallic Wristbands. Made of strong, tri-laminate plastic with a locking snap, glitter wristbands provide ultimate security and convenience for identifying your paid guests.
  • Our best selling glitter and metallic wristbands are Liquid Glitter® 4480 because they're sparkly and come in 11 fabulous colours. For a space age, high tech look, Metallic Wristbands are popular.
  • Our plastic wristbands feature a locking snap that makes them completely non-transferable. You need scissors to take them off.
  • Did you know that if you order custom wristbands you can sell ad space on your bands to sponsors? This makes custom printed bands optimal for generating extra revenue while reducing loss of revenue through the prevention of counterfeit and party crashers.
  • For glitter or metallic custom wristbands choose from