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Event Wristbands for Special Events

Event Wristbands for Special Events

Event wristbands help you control access to your event by identifying authorised or paid guests. They act like highly visible wrist tickets that allow your staff to quickly see if guests are in authorised areas or accessing authorised amenities.Thousands of events every year choose PDC for their event wristbands. Customers include corporate events, fundraising benefits, social events, weddings, networking events, and more.

There is no doubt that event planning take a lot of work, organization, and attention to detail. Planning out your event wristbands should definitely be on your to do list. Think about the number of guests you will need to identify and if there are any special groups that require unique identification to gain privileged access or amenities. Do you want to reinforce the brand name of the event? Then choose custom printing. What about sponsors? You could put their logos on your custom wristbands, too. Is this an elegant event where the guests will be dressed in formal attire? Choose a classier, fashionable wristband such as Liquid Glitter, SureImage Medium, or Metallic Bands.
Keeping your event secure from party crashers is critical to the profitability and safety of your event. Our event wristbands have security features that make them secure and non-transferable so people can't hand them off to another person. Superband® plastic wristbands provide the highest level of security. They have a locking snap and are so strong that they have to be removed with scissors. For a cheap, short-term alternative, Tyvek® wristbands can be used. They have a strong adhesive closure with "tamper cuts." If a person tries to remove the Tyvek wristband, it shreds at the adhesive area to prevent transferring the band to someone else.

Will there be alcohol served at your event? If so, consider speeding up service and guest satisfaction by using wristbands for over 21 age identification. Your staff can check guest ID once and then apply a wristband to only those who are of legal age to drink. Then your servers can quickly identify who they can serve without rechecking ID each time. PDC offers pre-printed wristbands with the words "Over 21" which can be applied to your guests after checking ID. Check out our plastic Over 21 wristbands or our Tyvek Over 21 wristbands.

  • Lead Time: Ships next bussiness day.
  • Tyvek Wristbands Lead Time: Ships same business day if ordered by 2 pm EST / 11 am PST.
    Quantities of 30+ packs will take longer.