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Articles all about wristbands - Get the latest scoop on wristbands how to, trends, and creatives

Wristbands Offer Secure Solutions for Multi-day Event Passes

When it comes to multi-day events or activities that require multi-day passes, there are typically a large number of guests in attendance. Two top concerns for  the hosts are running an efficient event...[Read More]

Numbered Wristbands with Numbered Tabs Make Contests and Raffles Easy and Fun

A great way to promote your company or charity is to have contests or raffles for participants to win cool prizes. One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to holding contests or raffles is loose ticket stubs...[Read More]

ID Wristbands Add Security Layers

Event security wristbands can add layers of security to the next event you host or organise. Coming in a variety of styles, security wristbands have bar codes and offer numerous benefits...[Read More]

Bright Colours Are Highly Visible

When it comes to planning events and parties, one key to a smooth-running event is wristbands. Tyvek wristbands are inexpensive and can be the final touch to ensuring a successful, well-organised event...[Read More]

All-in-One Wristbands for All-Inclusive Resorts

More and more all-inclusive resorts are providing all-in-one wristbands for guests to wear comfortably around their wrists during their stay. Constructed of multi-layered vinyl for unbeatable strength, durability...[Read More]

Evolving Technology in the Wristband Industry

Technology is continuously evolving—even in the wristband industry. You can now get recognition technology, such as bar codes, quick response (QR) codes and Microsoft tags custom printed on wristbands...[Read More]

Top 5 Reasons Kids Love Wristbands

It's no mystery that kids love to wearwristbands. It never ceases to amaze me how excited kids get when they see all the bright colours and fun designs. They start grabbing for top choices and squabbling over monkey designs, happy faces, and rainbows...[Read More]

Helpful Tips for Choosing Custom Wrist Bands for Staff

One of the challenges for special events, fairs, and festivals is that they have to manage a large number of temporary staffers and volunteers. It’s important to identifythe authorised staff and volunteers...[Read More]

Why Awareness Wristbands Trend Isn't Slowing Down

These days everyone is familiar with Awareness Wristbands. You’ve seen friends, family, and many other people wearing a variety of coloured bracelets with phrases such as “Live Strong,” “Autism Speaks,” “Stop Bullying,” and the controversial “I Love Boobies” emblazoned...[Read More]