PDC Smart® Cards

PDC Smart® Cards

The perfect complement to PDC RFID wristband applications. Issue to staff members for increased security or groups to support gift card and customer loyalty programs.

Full-color custom printing:
Available for all cards (except UHF). Additional set-up charges apply
Available with un-encoded magnetic stripe
Material: PVC, White
Per ISO/IEC 7810
Length: 3.4" (86.4mm)
Width: 2.1" (54.0mm)
Thickness: 0.03" (0.8mm)
Corner Radius: 0.125" ± 0.012" (3.18mm ± 0.3mm)
Weight: 5.8g ± 0.5g (per card)
Quantity: 200/250 per box
Lead Time: 3 weeks (from date of artwork approval and payment terms)


PDC Smart® Card Ordering Instructions:
Part Number RFID Inlay Magnetic Stripe
C100-00-PDJ Tag-it HF-I n/a 250
C101-00-PDJ Tag-it HF-I HiCo 250
C103-00-PDJ Tag-it HF-I LoCo 250
C105-00-PDH* Tag-it HF-I LoCo 200
C106-00-PDH* Tag-it HF-I HiCo 200
C108-00-PDH Mifare 1K n/a 200
C109-00-PDH* Mifare 1K LoCo 350 Oe 200
C110-00-PDH* Mifare 1K HiCo 2750 Oe 200
C111-00-PDH Mifare 1K n/a 200
C112-00-PDH Tag-it HF-I HiCo 650 Oe 200
C113-00-PDH Tag-it HF-I n/a 200
C114-00-PDH Higgs3 (UHF) n/a 200
C115-00-PDJ ICODE SLI n/a 250
*Not Suitable for slot punching.

 PDC Smart® Card Specifications:
PDC Smart® Card Specifications

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