PDC Smart® Stretch Wristbands

PDC Smart® Stretch Wristbands

Made of ultra-comfortable, polyester material that stretches and adjusts to wrist size. Features custom full-color dye-sublimation printing on inside and outside of band, transforming every guest's wrist into a mini billboard. Wristband is removable, re-usable, and water-proof, making it ideal for multi-day use or season pass programs.

Wristband Strap
Polyester and nylon materials.
Custom Printing: Full color dye-sublimation printing inside/outside wristband surface.
Dimenions: (Circumference x width) 185mm x 25mm: Ideal for large adult wrists
160mm x 25mm: Ideal for youth and small adult wrists.
145mm x 25mm: Ideal for child and youth wrists.

RFID Inlay Strap
Made of a special mix of nylon and cotton materials with enclosed RFID chip to reliably store and transfer data.
Custom Weaving: Choose up to 8 PMS thread colors per design.
Custom Serialization: Up to 8-digit variable data or Tag UID laser engraving on back of the RFID wrap supports guest registration or social media programs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 wristbands per design / 10 packs of 50 wristbands.
Lead Time: 4 weeks from artwork approval.


Part Number Size RFID Inlay ISO#
SCGA1-11-PDF-I 185mm ICODE SLIX ISO 15693-3
SCGB1-11-PDF-I 160mm ICODE SLIX ISO 15693-3
SCGC1-11-PDF-I 145mm ICODE SLIX ISO 15693-3
SCAA1-11-PDF-I 185mm Mifare 1K ISO 14443A
SCAB1-11-PDF-I 160mm Mifare 1K ISO 14443A
SCAC1-11-PDF-I 145mm Mifare 1K ISO 14443A
SCMA1-11-PDF-I 185mm Mifare Ultralight ISO 14443A
SCMB1-11-PDF-I 160mm Mifare Ultralight ISO 14443A
SCMC1-11-PDF-I 145mm Mifare Ultralight ISO 14443A

Stretch Wristband Strap Custom Specifications

Dual-sided, full-color dye-sublimation printing accommodates logos, photos and other intricate graphics. For maximum branding impact, create two separate artwork files, one for the outside and one for the inside of band. Note: When designing your wristband strap, keep center 30mm free from important graphics or text for placement of the RFID wrap.

RFID Wrap Custom Specifications

PDC Woven Graphic

 Woven Graphic (outside)
 Custom weave your logo or message in up to 8 PMS thread colors per design. Note:The RFID wrap area is completely separate of the wrsitband design and can be any 8 PMS colors of your choosing
 Custom area: 30.0mm x 25.5mm

Laser Etched Serial Numbering (inside)  Laser Etched Serial Numbering (inside)
 Optional 8-digit variable data or Tag UID laser engraved on inside of RFID wrap
 Unique number supports guest registration or social media programs