PDC Smart® SuperBand® Full-Color Wristbands

PDC Smart® SuperBand® Full-Color Wristbands

Full-color printing capabilities will transform every guest's wrist into a mini billboard. Add your logo, photo-quality images, variable data bar codes, and more for high-impact branding. Non-transferable, high-security wristband with a securely sealed RFID tag inside to reliably store and transfer data. The data is accessed by RFID systems.

Material:Constructed of waterproof, durable, high-security plastic with a patented SecurSnap® plastic closure for one-time use.
Quantity: 3,000 wristbands / 6 boxes of 500 wristbands
Wristband Dimension: 9.75"L x 1.1875"W
Custom Printing:Full-color, photo quality printing. See custom imprint specifications. Serial numbering available.
Lead Time: Ships 3 weeks from date of artwork approval & payment terms. Lead time may vary pending RFID inlay availability.


Part Number RFID Inlay ISO#
 484PE-11-PDM-I Tag-it HF-1 ISO 15693-3
 484PM-11-PDM-I Mifare Ultralight ISO 14443A
 484PA-11-PDM-I Mifare 1K ISO 14443A
 484PB-11-PDM-I Mifare Mini ISO 14443A
 484PF-11-PDM-I Mifare Ultralight C ISO 14443A
 484PU-11-PDM-I Alien 9662 ISO 18000-6C
PDC Smart® SuperBand® Full-Color Wristbands

Custom Imprint Specifications

Let your imagination run wild with PDC's Smart® Full-Color SuperBand® 484 wristbands. Don't stop with your logo. Add photos from your venue of people having fun. Choose a trendy vector graphic design that matches the look and feel of your venue. Put your tagline or new campaign slogan. Add a special offer or provide instructions. Sell advertising space to local businesses for sponsorship revenue.

 Imprint area: Band: 4.25" L x 1.1875 W Strap: 5.5" L x 0.625" W
 Margins must be 1/16" (.0625") from edge to any and all graphics including text, inner borders, artwork, etc.
 Bleeds must be a minimum of 1/16" (.0625")
 The absolute smallest, clearly legible, plain type size is 4pt. in a simple font. When using plain scripts, serifed, or thin unique fonts, please set text at 6pt. bold or above.

PDC's Smart® Full-Color SuperBand® Custom Imprint SpecsCustom Artwork Specification


Custom Bar Code and Variable Data Printing

With a wide variety of bar code and variable data printing capabilities, the power of PDC's Full-Color SmartBand® RFID Wristbands are virtually limitless! Add your custom bar code or variable data for and added measure of security, or to track wristband inventory. Use a QR code or Microsoft Tag to provide your guests with a special offer, interact through social media, or drive traffic to your website.

Commonly used bar codes include:

PDC Custom Bar Code and Variable Data Printing

PDC Custom Bar Code and Variable Data Printing



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