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    PDC Smart® Kiosks

    PDC Smart® Kiosks

    The ultimate self-service platforms enable patrons to purchase admissions, concessions, or rental items quickly.

    Applications & Benefits:
    • Delivers guest convenience to improve the overall experience 
    • Speeds up transactions to reduce lines and wait times 
    • User-friendly, touch-screen interface makes transactions fast and simple 
    • Helps reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for additional staff 
    • Helps prevent employee theft or cash shrinkage 
    • Processes secure transactions with cash or credit cards and optional security camera 
    • Offers customizable reports including revenue, transaction rate, rental availability, etc. 
    • Seamlessly integrates with park or resort management software

    If you have questions, please contact the RFID Solutions Group directly:
    Call: 866.403.6526 E-mail: rfid@pdcsolutions.com


    PDC Smart® Wristband Kiosk PDC Smart® Express Recharge Kiosk

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