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    Why PDC RFID Solutions?

    PDC RFID Experience


    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is changing the dynamics of today’s highly competitive hospitality industries; building customer loyalty through convenience, security, and overall experience. As with any emerging technology, the key to success is to partner with experts who have been there before.

    With over a decade innovating and developing RFID systems, PDC has earned its reputation as the leader in RFID wristband solutions. Whether you’re developing plans for a water or amusement park, music festival, sporting event, or small scale social gathering, PDC has a winning solution that will Redefine the Guest Experience™ while providing you with measurable ROI.

    PDC RFID Service


    PDC’s passionate about solving your challenges—and not stopping until we do. Based in Valencia, CA, our world-class, customer-focused sales and service teams are consultative, proactive, and highly responsive. PDC not only provides our clients with innovative products, but with the planning, integration, and support necessary to deliver the right solution.

    PDC RFID Innovation


    PDC’s success lies in our ability to stay at the forefront of the latest RFID trends, products and solutions. Among our industry “firsts” is the patented Smart Band® RFID wristband, which remains the catalyst for successful RFID implementations worldwide. PDC‘s extended partner network allows us to deliver a wide array of RFID applications that achieve long-term goals of positive revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction.

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