Top 10 Reasons to go Custom

1. Stop Party Crashers & Protect Your Revenue

Party crashers are a burden and liability to your profitability and security. Identify authorized guests with customized wristbands specific to each event and each type of attendee (VIPs, performers, general, etc.).


2. Help Prevent Counterfeits

Your security staff will have the upper hand spotting any fakes when you work with PDC to design a one-of-a-kind wristband. PDC's numerous customization options increase the security of your wristband/ticketing program. A few options include foil printing, serial numbering, and UV (invisible) ink printing


3. Boost Your Brand & Build Customer Loyalty

Custom wristbands become “mini billboards” worn personally by your target audience. People often keep their wristbands as a souvenir or for bragging rights. With your logo and website on the band, you may find guests sharing their great experience on Facebook or Twitter.


4. Generate Revenue

Partnering with corporate sponsors and printing their logos on your wristbands can pay for the entire cost of the wristbands and even generate surplus revenue.


5. Promote Special Offers 

Wristbands can be printed with offers like, “get 20% off product X with this wristband” or “try new Product X at our snack bar and get a free drink.” Why not drive your target audience with a strong call to action and boost your sales?


6. Keep Inventory & Track Admissions 

Custom wristbands can be printed with serial numbers or bar codes for tracking purposes. You can also use serial numbered wristbands for special promotion contests or raffles.


7. Raise Awareness for Social Causes

What’s your passion? Customizing your wristbands with your specific message can help spread the word about your cause and will be worn by others who share your vision.


8. Celebrate Special Occasions

Do you have a special anniversary, milestone, or cause for celebration? Customize your wristbands to commemorate the occasion.


9. Custom Bar Coding & Variable Data for Tracking & Cashless POS 

Custom printed wristbands with bar codes and/or variable data printing act like “wrist tickets” but with the benefit of being non-transferable. PDC offers bar coding options on several wristbands that can be tied to your data system for efficient operations, data tracking, and analysis.


10. It’s Only a Few Cents More Per Wristband!

With so many great reasons to go custom, you can’t afford not to. The cost for custom printing is really only a few cents per wristband. Plus, you can reorder your custom wristbands using the same plate without any setup costs.

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